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Create a Healthy Home

Your home is your sanctuary. But many household items, including paper products and cleaning supplies, contain cancer-causing chemicals. These products can be replaced with safer, non-toxic alternatives to help you reduce your risk of breast cancer. Start at home, but go one step further and have an impact in the marketplace and in your community.


Paper products are often bleached to make them whiter, and scientific evidence indicates that exposure to the chlorine used in many bleaching processes increases your risk of breast cancer. Choose toilet paper, tissue and office paper labeled “Processed Chlorine Free” (PCF).

Tip: Replace harmful household cleaners containing bleach with cheaper, non-toxic alternatives like baking soda, borax soap and vinegar.


Studies have found links between using insecticides in the home and increased breast cancer risk.

Tip: Look for natural alternatives to chemical weed and bug killers and take preventative measures such as mulching for weeds and using traps, barriers, fabric row covers, or plant-based repellants to get rid of pests.


Some plastics leach toxic chemicals, such as phthalates and bisphenol A, into the food we eat and the water we drink. Protect your body and the environment by choosing non-plastic alternatives whenever possible.

Tip: Avoid microwaving your food in plastic containers or in plastic wrap. Choose ceramic or glass containers instead. Swap plastic water bottles for stainless steel or aluminum options. Choose non-toxic baby toys and shower curtains instead of PVC (polyvinyl chloride), plastic or vinyl.

Monthly Tip for Pure Prevention


The chemical perchloroethylene (also called PCE or PERC) is the most common chemical used in dry cleaning. It’s also linked to long-term effects, including cancer, as well as short-term health effects like skin irritation or dizziness. To reduce your exposures, avoid buying clothes that require dry cleaning, wash gently and air dry, or find a cleaner that user organic or safer methods. Learn more about avoiding dry cleaning chemicals at The Daily Green blog, which will be running tips for prevention throughout October.

Take Action to Prevent Breast Cancer

Send a Healthy Home eCard to your family and friends to let them know what they can do to reduce their risk.

Have a party with a purpose and introduce safe and healthier household cleaning products to your family and friends by hosting a green cleaning party.